WordPress Monthly Maintenance

You did it. You’ve installed WordPress and have tailored your site to look and work exactly how you want it. Nice work.

Unfortunately, the work doesn’t stop there

To keep your WordPress website or blog secure and properly backed up, there is ongoing maintenance to think about. Is it absolutely necessary? Nah, you could go without it. But you could go without an oil change - or tire rotations or regular tune-ups - in your car every few thousand miles too.

The question is…should you? Should you ignore your site’s vulnerabilities? Should you cross your fingers and hope for the best? Or should you keep your site - your content, your products, your message - as safe as possible by keeping current on all WordPress, Plugin and Theme upgrades and should you keep not only your database, but your site files backed up on a regular basis?

My monthly maintenance service includes the following:

  • Updating WordPress software and keeping current with all upgrades (one of the best ways to keep your site secure and hack-resistant)
  • Updating all Themes and Plugins
  • Weekly database backups, emailed to you for safekeeping
  • Monthly site export as a secondary backup for all your posts and pages
  • Monthly backup of every site file on the dedicated server, maintained locally in case of emergency
  • Email correspondence with me to answer maintenance related issues*

You’ll probably spend more on a single dinner at just about any restaurant this month. And that’s cool. But why not invest a little to maintain your WordPress diet too?

I think you know what you should do.


Naturally, please holler with any questions.

* Other, non-maintenance related WordPress questions are covered on my Weekly WordPress Coaching Pass. If you’d like some one-on-one attention to address broader questions about your WordPress site, check it out.

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