Gone are the Words

Gone are the words

They come and go and have gone again. It's a game of much consequence that I often play with too little respect. There's more at stake than an empty page. Even so, what's one blank page? Sometimes only that. But [...]

The highest goal of any art

Is so simple, despite thoughts to the contrary. I was reading through some old content on this site recently - posts, quotes and postcards. In all honestly, I was dumbfounded. A lot of it just didn't make sense to me. [...]

Dominance vs strength

I read an article today about the impending reality that China's economy will eclipse our own in terms of total size (they say it will happen somewhere around the $19 trillion mark, and that could be in as little as [...]

Dim is the path

Sometimes it feels like walking through mud. Each step a challenge, and as often as not, I stumble. But even progress feels labored, and then there's the matter of still being knee deep in filth that seems to rob me [...]

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