It really is beautiful

It really is beautiful…

It's true what they say about misfortune...that, while bad, it helps us to appreciate what we do have. Helps us to be grateful for the seemingly countless blessings we enjoy every day (if only we take the time to *try* [...]


My departure…

The last four years have been full of lessons for me. That's no shock, of course. Learning as we go is part of the deal, but it's good to know I'm capable of seeing the folly of my ways, and [...]



Technology such as it is, it's not difficult to be amazed by what we've accomplished as a people. Some of it awe-inspiring, some of it reprehensible, but all of it remarkable in terms of scale and imagination and determination and [...]


To what end?

I spend a lot of time feeling as though I ought to be doing something else. Something more. Like I'm wasting time, filling my days with folly. Admittedly, I'm not as productive as I could be. And my days are [...]