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WordPress and Feedburner

How to customize the Feedburner email subscription box

So, a while back I wrote a tutorial on adding a Feedburner subscription option to your Thesis site (you can add one to any self-hosted WordPress site, Thesis or not, but my directions are usually specific to Thesis users). It [...]

thesis and wordpress tutorials

Beginner’s guide to using PHP w/ WordPress & Thesis

Okay, let's start with an admission. I don't really understand PHP. HTML and CSS? Sure, got a pretty good handle on those, but PHP has me baffled. I don't understand why or how it works, but I do know that [...]

How to create a new widget area

I've found it helpful in certain situations to have widgetized areas (that is, places I can drag/drop widgets into from the Appearance>Widget menu) other than the standard Sidebar 1 and Sidebar 2. Certain themes have this built in, but it's [...]

How to style a sidebar widget

If you've used The Thesis Theme for Wordpress, you know that out of the box, it has certain stylistic traits. That is, before making any changes at all, there is a certain style to the font, for example, in the [...]

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