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How to make using Google Forms in the classroom easy

In the spirit of keeping classroom websites organized, relevant and, thus, useful to everyone involved (students, parents and teachers alike), I thought I'd pass along a quick idea regarding using Google Forms, and making the use thereof easy. It has [...]

WordPress Categories - classroom website

Using WordPress categories to organize teacher and student content

As I've mentioned before, many teacher websites do not live up to their potential. There are a number of reasons for that, I'm sure, and the list for what teacher sites should include is, of course, subjective. But for me, [...]


Google Presentations instead of PowerPoint, integrated with WordPress

(This post is for anyone, of course, but most relevant to teachers, IMHO) Plenty of school projects call for students to collaborate, and to present in front of the class, and a slide presentation is a pretty common corollary. But [...]

How To Setup WordPress website

How to quickly set up a WordPress website or blog

This is one of those topics that seems obvious to those of us who use WordPress regularly, but I think we tend to forget how challenging it can be to someone who isn't used to working in this medium regularly. [...]