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My Posse, 4th in a series

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Back on track with my Sunday gratitude. It’s easy when the day is bright and the mood is right and the path has been traveled well. And today I get to fill in the circle next to ‘all of the above’.
So let me tell you a little bit about Kristin, she of Halfway To Normal, [...]

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My Posse, 2nd In A Series

Happy Sunday. I’ve been relatively quiet lately…no particular reason for that other than a general lack of inspiration. But as thinking about things for which I’m thankful tends to inspire me, my Posse post can only help.
My gratitude this week sits squarely on the shoulders of Henie. She is the eye behind the beautiful pictures [...]

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My posse

Okay, it’s a bit presumptuous to think I have a posse. But even if my posse members are involuntary (which is to say, only in my mind), perspective is everything. So hell yes I’ve got a posse.
You may have noticed my views on Twitter changing a bit of late. The motivation behind  using Twitter, for [...]

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