Speaking of angels

Speaking of Angels

This angel sits precariously upon my awareness, giving or accepting gifts, according to his struggles.

Sometimes he urges me, ‘Grasp onto that soft pedal of hope, futile as it seems to hold on to something only the mind’s eye can see.’ And yet in those moments, he assures me all things are possible. And I believe him.

Other times he begs for help, and I deliver in the best way that I can. Often it’s with the loving patience that any angel - certainly this angel - deserves. Sometimes though, I fail him. I crush that pedal between fingers intent on pointing out failures, resolved to holding onto the last negligible traces of control.

These are my quiet disgraces and I feel their weight long after he’s forgotten my breach.

But as with any angel (or so I assume…is it true of yours as well?), he floats above it all, dipping in and out as wont or need (his or mine) requires, but always elevating sufficiently to shine his light upon me.

Light I revel in, though recently have begun to respect in a new way. That he offers his so freely, I once believed it came easily to him. That it’s all he has to offer. But wishful thinking is forgivable for only so long.

No, my angel sheds light despite his darkness. Despite his pain. Despite the turmoil that tries so hard - always unsuccessfully - to diminish his radiance.

Faith is intrinsic to his demeanor, and it inspires me to believe in the future. To believe that even the smallest among us can scoff in the face of inertia, and alter the path for all of us. One man. One woman. One child.


That’s all it takes.

That, and the vision to see what might not be apparent today. Like what you’d be capable of sacrificing under the right conditions. Like what I’d be able to endure if such endurance was requisite to the freedom (in the truest sense) of the people I love. Like the power of a single, resolute voice. Like the strength of a small, but growing, idea.

Or the light of one angel.

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Elizabeth July 23, 2010 at 12:01 pm

And an Angel, he is! Full of sweetness and light. We love him so much! Yaya xx


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