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Jeb Dickerson

As you may know, I’m an aspiring teacher (which is to say, currently at least, I substitute). That being the case, my schedule is a bit sporadic and I’m not always reachable during school hours. Nonetheless, I hope you’ll reach out with any questions or issues that I might be able to help with. I won’t always get back to you in minutes (sometimes I will), but I *will* get back to you quickly (read: generally within a few hours, on rare occasions it may take me a full day).

So whether you’d like help with a new WordPress website, have questions about one you’ve already got, or more generally want to share with me what’s on your mind, please feel free to track me down however is best for you. Your options include…

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Email me at Jeb at HowToMatter dot com


Call - 949.436.3626

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