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Free DIY WordPress tutorial

by Jeb

I realized I’ve never devoted a separate post to the free DIY WordPress Tutorial I wrote a while back, so I figured I’d do that now.

I spent months and months going in circles when I first started creating websites and blogs. None of it really made sense to me and I wasted countless hours.

Once I finally gained some proficiency, I realized how great it would have been to have a resource that walked me through the process in layman’s terms. No assumptions about what I may or may not already know and understand. Just a ‘start from scratch’ approach that makes it super simple to go from ‘What’s a domain name’ to having a live, professional, functional website or blog ready to go. Not weeks down the road…today.

The truth is, I’m sure there are plenty of those resources out there. But for every good one, there’s roughly 3,756 bad ones. And finding the proverbial needle isn’t always easy.

But without the needles, it’s all just hay. So I decided to throw my own needle in the stack with the hope that some of you find it soon enough for it to be of value…and for it to save you some headaches.

What does my Free DIY WordPress Tutorial offer?

Great question…

  • This tutorial assumes you know absolutely nothing about starting your own website, and it takes you step-by-step through the process, starting with domain registration and ending with ‘Yeah! I just published my first post’. 36 pages of crystal clear instruction.
  • Lots of pictures and examples to ensure understanding.
  • It covers the basics of using the back-end of your WordPress site so you’ll know how to find your way around once you’re up and running.
  • It provides all the relevant links you’ll need to get from A to Z quickly.
  • It’s free.

There’s a lot more to it, of course, and I would have given my left pinky finger to have it when I was starting out. But alas, I offer it to you for free, no pinky required. Just complete the form below to join my ‘Free Products’ mailing list and your Free DIY WordPress Tutorial will be on it’s way.

If you’re a Do It Yourselfer, this tutorial is exactly what you need to get your website or blog up and running quickly, simply and inexpensively.

Get started today…

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