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A bit of mobility

Moving a household - and a family - into a holding pattern is a challenge. I’ve never been exceptional at handling uncertainty, yet I’m a gypsy compared to my lovely wife.
So this move is proving to be a test in more ways than one. One I’m sure we’ll pass, if a little wiser, and more [...]

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The world has moved on…

I’ve been terribly absent from this non-flesh-and-bone world for quite some time, and I intend to fill in many of the gaps here soon. But for now, I simply wanted to say that I’m alive and well, having recently, and suddenly, moved my wonderful family back to California.
There’s much more to say about that (surely [...]

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On Mountain Tops

I’m a lucky guy. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with the natural world, in such a way that it helps me to fix any broken parts that may exist. This seems an extraordinarily manageable (and inexpensive) way to cure what ails me, and so I find myself wondering about the non-man-made world [...]

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WOB dot com

It occurred to me recently that beyond a small group of people, I’d not bothered to mention the fact that I’m now for hire.
I suppose that statement could lead the imagination in many directions, so let me clarify. I’ve been giving much thought this past year to changing directions, professionally. Sadly, this wasn’t a noble [...]

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My Posse, 4th in a series

Back on track with my Sunday gratitude. It’s easy when the day is bright and the mood is right and the path has been traveled well. And today I get to fill in the circle next to ‘all of the above’.
So let me tell you a little bit about Kristin, she of Halfway To Normal, [...]

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