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The Twitter Life-Suck

First, let me warn you, I’m planning on swearing a lot in this post. I do that from time to time, but this one will stand out in that regard.
Now then, you should know that I fucking hate gurus. Twitter abounds with them. When I was young, I used to fight a lot and though [...]

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How did this happen?

Seriously, we’re so different. We have such disparate opinions about the world. About politics. Religion. Child rearing. Twitter. Beer. This is good by the way, these differences.
My frustration comes from the fact that we don’t seem to celebrate these differences enough, that we might all learn from one another. Conformity is valued, whether we like [...]

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If you have any poo…

Fling it now.
It’s my new motto. I’ve referenced in a previous post the fact that perhaps I held a pile of that certain something in my hand a bit too long (yes, figuratively speaking). So as Spring approaches and life seems a bit more vibrant in all regards, I’ve decided to have a poo-flinging party.
Here [...]

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A question of value

Should our values be universal? I’m not talking complete homogenization here, I’m just curious if it’s important that we, as a people or a country or a community, value the same sorts of things.
I feel my values changing lately, and I’m not inclined to think it’s temporary. It’s a big country we live in, an [...]

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The formative years

So I thought long and hard about whether to write this post. There was a time not long ago when I wouldn’t have even considered it, actually. But these last few months have been rather pivotal for me…many separate pieces of this complex puzzle of life coming together, beginning to connect in just the right [...]

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