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6 Page (+Blog) Website

So what, exactly, do I get with a $250 6 Page (+Blog) Website?

Good question. Here’s what you get for your money:

  1. WordPress installed and configured onto your hosting account
  2. Up to 5 free themes (chosen by you) loaded onto your server and ready for action (a theme is like a template, it controls the overall look of your site. There are hundreds of free themes to choose from, so you have plenty of flexibility/options here to create a unique look. Go browse through the free WordPress themes if you like.)
  3. Installation of a handful of Plugins - additional software that add functionality, usability & searchability to your WordPress website.
  4. The complete Google-ize Package (a $95 value) to ensure your site is getting the search engine attention it deserves.
  5. 6 pages set up and ready for use. You decide what they’re called and how you’ll use them, and I’ll configure them as needed. Some examples might be an About page, a Contact page with a submission form, a Products page, a Picture Gallery, etc. Infinite possibilities.
  6. An additional page/tab that will (if you want) be your blog (you know, where you write articles on any number of topics you find interesting every so often). The blog can show up on the front page, or anywhere on the site you want.
  7. A step by step, very easy to follow tutorial explaining how to use the administrative side of your site so you can write posts, add plugins, upload pictures, change themes, etc.
  8. A week of email/Skype correspondence with me (a $125 value) to answer any question you have regarding your WordPress site, hosting account, email capability, etc…sure to get you through the learning curve quickly. :)

And what you’re left with is a very easy to use, extremely functional website that will be the perfect entry into this online world. And with the power and flexibility of WordPress, you can feel comfortable knowing that your website will easily grow and change along with you.

My $250 fee does not include your domain registration or hosting. These are 3rd party fees that anyone who has a website has to pay. But lucky for you, it’s super cheap and easy, and I’ll set it all up for you. An entire year’s worth of domain registration and website hosting will run you about $82.

To keep my prices low, I require that you use the hosting company I have a relationship with. I get a small commission from them on every hosting account I refer, which means I don’t have to charge as much for my service. And just so you know, I use this hosting company too, and I love them.

So you want a 6 page website and blog?

Super, let’s get this ball rolling. Here are the steps…

  1. You click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below and complete the payment process.
  2. I’ll send you a thank you email confirming receipt of your payment.
  3. I’ll send you another email with “Hosting Account Instructions” as the subject that will clearly explain how to purchase your hosting (and domain name, if you don’t have that yet). It will also explain what information I’ll need back from you once your hosting account is created so I can do my part.
  4. Within 48 hours, I’ll complete your 6 page (+ Blog) WordPress installation, as well as do everything explained above, and send you my step by step tutorial on how to get started blogging.

If you have any questions about any of this, either before you purchase or after, you just give me a shout and I’ll gladly help. So come on, let’s get this party started right.

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Your Own WordPress Website, Day 1

Once your WordPress site is up and running, I strongly encourage you to poke around the WordPress site. Look for new plugins and themes that might be of value to you. Or join the forums and ask questions about issues you’re having, customizations you want to make, etc.

However, if you’re not really the Do-It-Yourself kind of person, I do offer WordPress Coaching and I’d be happy to help you out. Press this fancy button to see what’s up…

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