April 2011

Dominance vs strength

I read an article today about the impending reality that China's economy will eclipse our own in terms of total size (they say it will happen somewhere around the $19 trillion mark, and that could be in as little as [...]

Dim is the path

Sometimes it feels like walking through mud. Each step a challenge, and as often as not, I stumble. But even progress feels labored, and then there's the matter of still being knee deep in filth that seems to rob me [...]

Falling dominoes

It's just a game when we're kids. Sure, it takes some patience, strategy even, but I think we can all agree that watching them fall is the best part. This is where the conventional wisdom gets us into some trouble. [...]

Bedtime stories

The gap of generations takes but a moment to bridge as the touch of his finger makes its way along the ridge of my brow. And in that exchange of energy lies the ability to move mountains, to leave behind [...]

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