5 tools to improve your WordPress site’s SEO

by Jeb

If you’ve got a website or blog, you want people to read it (otherwise, you’d just use a journal). There are tons of articles out there about SEO - search engine optimization - so this is neither the most original nor thorough guide you’ll find. But, having read many of these articles, I’ve tried a lot of things and I thought I’d share the things that work for me in case they’re helpful to you and your own efforts to garner the attention of Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines of the world.

Improving SEO on your WordPress website or blog

  1. Use the Thesis Theme for WordPress
    • How smart is your Theme?  How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.Okay, so I recognize this isn’t something everyone can do. If you’ve got a different WordPress theme, changing over may not be the easiest or most desirable thing to do. Nonetheless, I still highly recommend it. There’s no other WP theme I’ve come across that makes improving SEO so easy. From site-level meta descriptions/keywords to post- and page-level options, it’s all super simple, no code-hacking required. All of this is in addition to the fact that Thesis separates the core code (that makes your site function properly) from the design customization code, which makes for a much nicer/cleaner crawling experience for your friendly neighborhood search engine. Thesis is a premium theme but the cost (about $90) is a tiny investment to make if site traffic is important to you (please note, these Thesis links are affiliate links).
  2. Install & Use the All In One SEO Pack Plugin
    • If Thesis isn’t an option for you, then the All In One SEO Pack is a great fall back to have. It allows you to easily specify your site/post/page level meta information as well as control your permalink structure. It’s a free WordPress plugin that’s easy to install and set up.
  3. Add more Update/Ping Services to your Settings menu
    • If you go to the Admin side of your site and look for the SETTINGS menu along the left, and choose WRITING from that drop down menu, the third heading down says Update Services. There’s an input field there that, by default, has only one ping service listed in it (pingomatic, maybe…I forget now). These services allow you to automatically update blog directories and search engines whenever you publish new articles on your site. You can input as many services here as you like, each on a separate line. If you’d like a list of the 58 services I’ve got on this site, reach out and I’ll send it over so you can cut/paste them into yours.
  4. Setup Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for your site
    • Of course, merely setting Analytics/WM Tools up does nothing to improve your SEO, but if you use the information they offer you, your SEO will be much stronger. With these tools, you can easily see what keywords people are searching to get to your site, which pages they are coming into your site on, and which ones they’re leaving from. All of this data that will help you make adjustments to your copy and, ultimately, improve the effectiveness of your SEO.
  5. Create a sitemap of your site and link between your own posts often
    • You can install the Google XML Sitemaps Plugin for free and easily build a sitemap that will be updated every time you publish new content. Google, Bing and Yahoo are all automatically notified every time a new map is built. This helps search engines to index your site and easily crawl your entire site because it can better see the complete structure. Linking between your posts helps with this as well.

Yes, there is much more you can do to improve SEO and get more search engine referrals. But it’s a very big topic and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. The 5 tips above will get you moving in the right direction pretty quickly and painlessly, and with that foundation established, you’ll be better equipped to tackle some of the bigger SEO challenges.

If any of the above has left you scratching your head, please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to clarify. Also, if you feel like the above is important, but you have no interest in doing it yourself, rest easy…I created the handy dandy Google-ize Package especially for you. Go have a look.

ps…if this was helpful, or if you think it could benefit someone in your network, please share it. And don’t forget to LIKE this page below if you’re an FB kinda person.

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